19 April, 2011

19 April, 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 578 % Postmaster, N.Y.
19 April, 1944

Hello Darling!

I haven’t taken much advantage of V-mail before but I have to today, dear or I won’t be able to get anything off to you at all. The plain fact is we’re quite busy and my days are full.

Yesterday I got your letters of March 31 and April 3 – very important ones to me, sweetheart, because I now have a pretty complete story of what was going on a few weeks ago. You certainly were happy and I guess you know you’ve made me that way.

I also received some swell letters from your Dad – our Dad, I mean, Jeannette Berns, my brother-in-law Irv, and my sister Ruth. All were congratulations, and very sweet and made me feel quite important. The first chance I get I’ll start answering some of them – but it will be a few days yet before I can do it.

Incidentally, Charlie and the boys got back yesterday and we’re all together again – and so I’m a little less lonesome. It doesn’t seem like a holiday at all here today – just another work day and a busy one at that. But I’d much rather be busy then to have to sit around. That’s all for now, darling. Love to the folks – and
All my love

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