20 April, 2011

20 April, 1944

438th AAA AW BN
APO 578 % Postmaster, N.Y.
20 April, 1944       1330

My dearest sweetheart –

I’m at the Dispensary right now and if it stays quiet long enough I’ll try to get a letter off to you. I’ve got quite a few of your recent ones to re-read and answer because it seems to me that you mentioned a few things here and there that require some comment.

In the first place, darling, your trip to the Boston Public Library was very amusing to me – even if you did get drenched. I can’t tell you very much, dear, but you aren’t far from wrong. You know, though – what surprises me more than anything else is the speed with which you receive my mail – and on the whole – how regularly. I think it’s swell that you do and it seems to me that Air-mail must be arriving ahead of the V-mail. Again I must warn you though not to expect it to continue indefinitely that way. The chances are that there will be delays – and also – that there will be days when I can’t write at all. I don’t think it is breaking censorship rules to write that; I am merely implying that I expect to be busy –

Your having lunch with Shirley F. interested me – when you mentioned that Stan’s name didn’t come up at all. Apparently she means to forget him completely. I don’t know when she wrote me, by the way, but as yet I haven’t received it. And about a call from London – if it is being allowed, I’m sure it is from London only. If I get there again – that’s the first thing I’ll try to do, believe me. It would certainly be worth it to me to be able to actually tell you I love you and have you say the same to me. For the time being, darling, it will have to wait.

Your letters, sweetheart, re-iterate that you like your ring. You’ve really got me curious as to what it looks like. I’m so glad that you’re fond of it and I hope you’re getting as much kick out of telling people that you’re engaged as I am. My audience is so limited, though – just the officers – who, by the way, found it hard to believe, except for those few who really knew about us. I owe them all a drink – and maybe it’s a good thing that hard liquor is almost impossible to obtain here.

You make a very correct statement, darling, when you say that we owe our folks a great deal. The spirit with which they went right ahead and got things done to make us happy – was wonderful – and I shall always be thankful to them for it. When we first started writing about the possibility of an engagement, I honestly wondered how it would ever work out – not our being engaged – but the steps leading up to it. I too have never been worried about us – ourselves. It’s really wonderful to be so confident that things will work out well between us. As for providing for you – I guess I just don’t worry about it. We’ll go back to Salem, I’ll open my office, and people will just naturally want to see me when they’re sick – well, some people.

Sweetheart – I’ll stop now. I have a little job to do on one of the soldiers and he has just arrived. Remember, dear, that despite our separation – I’m constantly happy and contented now that you are my real fiancée. Love to the folks and for now –

My sincerest and deepest love

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