21 April, 2011

21 April, 1944

438th AAA AW BN
APO 578 % Postmaster, N.Y.
21 April, 1944       1230

Wilma, darling –

Busy seems to be the word for things for me in the last couple of letters, but I’m doing my darn’dest to keep the mail going. I’ve just finished lunch and I’m up in my room. If I don’t finish writing now, dear, I’ll probably get a chance a little later.

I got one letter yesterday – a V-mail from you of April 9th. There was no other mail – but it has really been excellent these past 10 days or so.

Today, darling, makes 3 weeks that we’re engaged – but only 9 days that I know about it. I don’t suppose I’ll really get the real thrill of it until the day I actually see you again – but I know I am getting the maximum sensation possible – with us apart. It’s just such a satisfying feeling to know I have you, darling, and – willing to wait for me. You will be so nice to come home to – and just think of the real pleasure that awaits me – knowing that one day I’ll be heading for home and you. I wonder how much elation and joy a person can stand. Whatever the limit – on that day, Sweetheart – I shall approach it.

Back here it’s been reports and reports and running around – but I’ve welcomed whatever busy days or nights we’ve had because time does go faster – and that’s what I like. This town, though, still has me captivated with it’s quaintness, age – and nice class of people. Last Sunday, I forgot to mention to you, dear, the old housekeeper took Bruce and me through the locked portion of the Castle. I’ve been taking care of her arthritis – and she promised to show me around – as a reward. Well, sweetheart, it took most of the afternoon and you can’t imagine the store house of treasures that this place has. Before the war – every room in the house was in use and it wasn’t unusual to have 100 men on a week-end of a hunt – stay up here. Well all the furniture, lamps, clocks, draperies, rugs, oil-paintings are in one wing of the castle and it was like going to an auction or a gallery – seeing it.

Other than that there’s nothing new. For the past several Saturday nights we’ve tried to plan an old-fashioned 438th brawl – but always something has turned up to prevent the officers from being together. But at this moment, dear, it looks as if we may be able to have it tomorrow night. We’re going to have a special supper – which will include ICE CREAM. I’ve had that delicacy about 4 times since I’ve been in England. And best of all – we’ve rounded up some liquor. For the bar – we’ve got about 18 bottles of Scotch, rum, gin – together and in addition we’ve been able to get some Black Market liquor. I haven’t been ‘drunk’ or anywhere near it for so long – that I bought a bottle of John Haig Scotch (and lucky to get it too) for £3 ($72.00) and I’m going to tie one on – as they way in the U.S. I owe myself an Engagement Party and this may be it – if something doesn’t turn up. I’ll let you know, dear.

Meanwhile, darling, I love you and miss you more dearly than I can write about and it’s in the knowledge of our future happiness that I keep my spirits up. I know we won’t be let down. Love to the folks –, dear and

My love is forever yours –


about John Haig Scotch and "The Pinch"

1944 UK John Haig Scotch Whiskey Ad
"Dimple Scots" and "Gold Label"

Greg did not say which bottle of Haig Scotch he purchased, but the price may mean he bought The Pinch. The Pinch, known as "The Dimple" everywhere except in the USA, is the fourth most popular Blended Deluxe Scotch worldwide. Dimple Blended Scotch Whiskey contains a high percentage of malt whiskeys including Glenkinchie and Linkwood.

The story of Pinch is reflected in the spirit of over 350 years' of whiskey distilling and blending experience. In 1655 farmer/distiller Robert Haig was summoned before the church elders for operating his still on the Sabbath (Sunday). This marked the earliest documented reference to a distillery company which is still operating today. The art and craft of whiskey distilling were passed down through generations of the Haig family dynasty, and Robert's descendants operated distilleries in Scotland, England and Ireland. One of them, John Haig, opened a distillery in 1824 at Cameronbridge in the fertile and historical Kingdom of Fife, which lies across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. Around 1870, his son John was the first Haig to use the newly developed practice of blending. The deep understanding of product and their long tradition of whiskey making was realized, to perfection, in the early 1890s with the creation of Pinch.

According to marketing material, this deluxe blend of exceptional distinction is found in the world's most exclusive bars and elegant homes and is enjoyed by those who appreciate rare quality. Pinch is said to be the perfect international companion when friends meet in smart surroundings. In recognition of the consistent high quality of Pinch, the whiskey was awarded a gold medal in 1987 in the Deluxe blended whiskey category of the International Wine and Spirit competition.

Pinch is distinguished even further by its famous triangular, dimpled bottle wrapped in wire net. The whiskey has been bottled in this attractive container since its creation in 1890, with the hand-applied wire mesh originally designed to prevent the cork from coming out during export shipments through rough seas. The Pinch 'decanter,' after the precious contents have been enjoyed, has been put to decorative use around the world. To protect its exclusive use, the Pinch bottle was the first bottle to be patented in the United States, in 1958. It is a fitting and unique container for a whiskey that is said to have no equals.

For connoisseurs, it is described this way: At the first whiff of the nose of The Dimple Pinch, a bit of pepper and malt unrest the senses. Then comes hints of honey, fruits, and peat smoke. The light golden blend then finishes with notes of vanilla. The flavor brings back to mind some of the aforementioned scents, but the fruit becomes much more pronounced. After the initial peppery bite, heavy apple and pear flavor takes over the palate moving to a smooth smoky sweetness in the finish.

The Pinch is bottled by United Distillers (or UDV as they've become known). The distilling company is currently owned by Diageo. Also produced by Diageo are: Jose Cuervo (#1 global tequila), Bailey's (#1 global liqueur), Johnnie Walker (#1 global scotch whiskey), J&B (#4 global scotch whiskey), Smirnoff (#1 global vodka), Guinness (#1 global stout), Captain Morgan (#2 global rum), Tanqueray (#1 US imported gin) among other spirits, as well as Don Perignon and Moet & Chandor champagnes, 6 more wines and 8 more beers.

Jose CuervoBaileysJohnnie Walker
 SmirnoffGuinnessCaptain MorganTanqueray

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