29 April, 2011

29 April, 1944 (to her mother)


438th AAA AW BN
APO 578 % Postmaster, N.Y.
29 April, 1944
Dear Mother B.

First – thanks for your swell letter which I received a couple of days ago. I like your letters for they help me to feel closer to all of you and I like that sensation.

I spend pleasant hours these days dreaming about life after the war – and what it will mean to me – and to all of us. Becoming engaged to Wilma has made so much difference in the way I can sit back and think of the future, and – well – it’s just very very pleasant food for thought.

You recall very nice memories when you mention the Copley. I do remember meeting the Shribmans – although I don’t remember the name – Gwen. I wish I were around to be congratulated – but so long as Wilma is happy about everything, I feel fully satisfied.

Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, 1930s

Before closing – let me substitute this letter for a card. A Happy Mother’s Day, to you – with many more – at which I hope to be present to pay you my respects as a son – in every sense of the word. Best regards to the family.
With love

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