03 May, 2011

03 May, 1944

438th AAA AW BN
APO 578 % Postmaster, N.Y.
3 May, 1944        1020

My dearest darling –

I got three – no four letters from you last night, in addition to one from Mother B. They were all from the middle of the month of April – 14-17. One was mailed from Salem, and frankly, sweetheart, if you hadn’t reminded me to look at the post-mark, I would have missed it entirely. I recognize your handwriting and usually just tear right into your letters. And the letter postmarked ‘Salem’ had no mention of being in Salem. I haven’t received the letter describing your trip there – if you did go.

Darling, I do love your expressions of love – as I’m sure you realize – and when you write like that, I understand how you feel, too. You say I’m no way near as affectionate as you dear, but if I were you – I wouldn’t bet any money on it! If you mean I don’t express my affections as easily as you – you may be right – but we’ll have a fair and square contest – when the time comes, darling – and may I suggest, – no holds barred! I can already see myself crowned champ – so you see how much confidence I have in myself.

Seriously, though – sweetheart – I think you got to love me as much for my lack of expression as for it – although that sounds contradictory. What I mean is that with what I did express you grew to love me. That expression has developed, I think, but I still could do a better job with you right near me, darling. The fact is though that I love you more than anyone I’ve ever loved before and that successfully or not – I try to tell you that over and over again. If it were possible for you to follow me when I’m thinking of you – you’d know what I mean. I miss you and need you in every sense of the word, darling, but I try not to write you that too often – because it makes it a little more difficult to take. As for “lovin’” – well baby – what you need is what I need too – and – well you know, darling – you can’t put that into words!

Your mention of Ruth having a D and C was a surprise to me – although it shouldn’t be. The fact is that women do have those things done to them. No one at home had intimated anything like that – but I do hope everything went well and she’s home safely. I enjoy every mention you make of your getting along so well with my family, darling. It couldn’t have been any more perfect – because if we hadn’t had the support of our parents – we’d never have progressed so well and so far. And the fact that you feel they are sincere is what I like best of all – because I know they are and I’m glad you know it too. They do love you – all of them – but as I wrote before, Sweetheart – you are so easy to love anyway. As to your folks – dear, I haven’t the slightest doubt at all how I’ll feel about them; I know how I feel already. I’m really proud of them as in-laws and they’ve been wonderful to me. I certainly will try to make them love me as a son. I know I’ll love them as true parents.

Well – darling, I must stop now. I’m still at the Dispensary – and something has turned up. Never wonder for a minute – about my love for you, dear. It is strong, honest and sincere – and will always be so – you’ll see. For now – love to the folks – and

All my love is yours forever, dear

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