07 May, 2011

07 May, 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 578 % Postmaster, N.Y.
7 May, 1944       2000
Dearest sweetheart –

I’ve had a long, hard day – mentally hard, at any rate – and I just didn’t feel like writing a letter right now. I suppose I’d have to tell you sometime so I might as well now. It concerns Charlie. He is no longer with us, having been transferred as of today. I can’t tell you exactly why except to say for psychiatric reasons. The whole thing was messy, and frankly has been for some time – but it came to a head this week-end and has finally been taken care of – for the good of the outfit I think. Anyway it has been upsetting because we were together for 20 months and I was sorry to lose him. All else is O.K. darling and I sure could stand some of your love and affection right now, dear. Best regards to the folks. Will write tomorrow.

All my love for now

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