11 May, 2011

11 May, 1944

438th AAA AW BN
APO 578 % Postmaster, N.Y.
11 May, 1944       1040

Dearest darling Wilma –

I’m back at the Castle now – a little bit earlier than usual but I have a few things to take care of before tomorrow and I wanted to get an early start.

Yesterday, dearest, I got your letter postmarked May 3 and 4th – and really when you asked me if I were in England, I really had to stop to think. Your getting a letter of mine in 4 days time is really amazing. The best in this direction has been 5 days – and that was once. But where I used to hear regularly in 2½ to 3 weeks – now it is usually 7-10 days. It certainly does help to make things easier, darling, and it’s a pity I can’t call you as easily as I can write you. I haven’t left this place – and it is impossible to make a call from here – and as I wrote before, my chances of getting to London – are very, very slim. But I love you very much, anyway, sweetheart – even if I can’t call you now – and that is really what matters most.

So you thought my eye incident was funny, huh?? Well you wouldn’t have thought so had you seen it! Anyway – it really was funny and did have to do with the Reverend.

Darling I’m glad you went over to visit Ruth and I’m glad you like her. I know she does you – as do all my family. Irv must really be busy from what I hear. I don’t suppose I was ever that busy. And as for planning whether to do general medicine or surgery exclusively – I guess many factors will enter into that and what medicine will have to offer post-war – is still a question to be answered. I’m not too concerned, though – and whatever comes, I won’t let it run me or you into the ground. We’ll both love life too much for that.

Yes, dear, I remember the Cohens. They seemed like a jolly couple – he rather slim and she – shall I say, heavy set? Say you really ran off a list of liquor that your Dad has. What a brawl that would make! I guess it’s getting quite difficult to get it all over the world. I’m the proud possessor of ½ a bottle of Haig and Haig – and I’m treasuring it.

Yesterday – in addition to your two letters, I got one from Barbara – written all over the page – and urging me to hurry up and come home so that I could marry Auntie Wilma. I also got one from Mrs. Gardner – who is now back in Salem, Dr. Gardner – by coincidence on the same day – who is back at San Francisco, and finally one from Barbara Tucker. The latter told me about your visit to Salem which she said she enjoyed. She thought you very O.K. and that’s a lot from her, dear. The Gardners just had local news etc. – but it was nice hearing from them. Gosh – darling – I have a bunch of letters to answer – and I just feel too lazy to or don’t get the time. I’ll get around to it, though.

Well – sweetheart – I’ll stop now. It’s so wonderful to hear from you regularly and to know that you still loved me only 5-6 days ago! It makes me love you even more than I do already. Altogether – it’s a satisfying feeling and I know darling that we’re going to be very, very happy. Love to the folks and

All my love forever, dear

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