22 May, 2011

22 May, 1944

438th AAA AW BN
APO 654 % Postmaster, N.Y.
22 May, 1944       0915

Dearest darling Wilma –

Well I’m going to start this letter now – but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to finish it. It seems, dear, as if I’ve been rushing about – the past 2-3 days – and the rush is still on. In particular, for this week, I’m giving my men a comprehensive review of everything they’ve had in their line. I plan to spend a week or 10 days doing it and when I’m through I think each and every one of them will be aid men worthy of the name. In addition – there’s the damned old report on this and on that, a trip here or there on business – and all in all, I’ve been earning my pay of late.

Saturday night, sweetheart, the party did not materialize for the reason I’ve already implied – namely that there was no liquor. The beer was dissipated long before evening came and that was that.

Gee, dear, it certainly made me envious to read that Les was home for 8 days. Of course if I were in Pennsylvania it would practically be like home – that’s how comparative distances affect you, because I know the fellow I write to in Hawaii feels that I am practically home – compared to him. Anyway – I’m glad for their sake – Betty’s and Les’s that they are able to see each other. He got a sort of raw deal when his Specialized training was cut short; on the other hand, though, they are doing the same with officers and complete outfits. A good deal of AA in the States – I read in the papers recently – is being converted en bloc to the infantry and that’s no fun – after having been trained in anti-aircraft tactics.

Well, darling, I didn’t get too far this sitting, but I have to stop now and go down to the mens' barracks and start lecturing. I’ll pick up later on – so for now – darling – so long.


Hello again, dear –

Just arrived at the Dispensary from the Castle and after cleaning up a few details, I’ll start teaching again for the rest of the p.m. We had a class in anatomy this morning and I think the boys got something out of it.

Say I never did answer your question or Mary’s about Pete’s name. His full name is Henry George Peterson and I must remember to tell him his name will be used for a good cause. He ought to get a kick out of that. And incidentally don’t forget to thank Mary on my behalf, because I consider that a signal honor – or so tell her, anyway.

Tonight there’s an officers’ meeting and then supposedly a movie – but the latter already has an advance booking as being rank – something about being in ‘Old Cheyenne’ – or some such place. I really should write some letters. I have quite a few to answer that are getting old – Lil Z, Barbara T, Pereira etc. etc. But what usually happens is that as long as I’ve written you and my folks, I don’t have very much ambition these days. I like to lie down on my bed, close my eyes and just dream about you and home, sweetheart. Won’t it be wonderful when I don’t have to dream and actually can live it!

Darling, I’ve got to go along now. I hope I hear from you today, dear. My best love to the folks and my deepest love to you sweetheart.


about Pre-Invasion Bombing of German Airfields
in Occupied Countries

Meanwhile, the bombing of airfields and trains continues in Belgium and France. Here is a video clip dated 22 May, 1944 showing aerial footage showing an air assault over German-occupied Liege, Belgium, including planes at an airfield shot and blown up on the ground. Apologies for the quality of the clip. Go to ITN Source for a slightly better quality.

[Note: This clip, called Allied aeroplanes attack Nazi Europe is a downloaded preview copyrighted by Gaumont British Newsreels (Reuters).]

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