10 July, 2011

10 July, 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 403 % Postmaster, N.Y.
10 July, 1944

Dearest Girl –

Got a letter from you yesterday telling about Les’s wedding, one from Florence B, and 3 from my brother – the last – a V-mail – dated 30 June – which is damned good. I think you’re probably correct about receiving V-mail quicker, dear. Lawrence seemed quite affected at the news that I was in this thing. I just hope that all of you are not worrying too much.

The wedding sounded swell – although I agree – too large. Give them my best wishes, darling, and I sure do envy them. Florence’s letter was very nice and it’s swell of her to continue to write. I also got a letter from my Dad thanking us for his gift. He told me of your staying at Winthrop, darling, and he says it thrills him to have you stay with them because you are now no different than any of his children. Gosh, dear, it certainly is swell to read that everything is so amiable and pleasant between you and my folks and I know that it will be the same between your folks and me – as soon as I can get back. You know – I think you and I really ought to hit it off well when we get married. What a way to talk! Well – as you say – I haven’t even seen my fiancée’s ring. But what of that – I’ve seen my fiancée and I know her – and I know she’s the girl for me! By the way – I love her, too. Love to the folks, sweetheart and

All my love for always


about Battle Casualties Sustained by VII Corps
6 June - 1 July, 1944

Unit                     Killed     Wounded   Missing    Captured         Total
4th Inf Division       844       3,814          788            6             5,452
9th Inf Division       301       2,061            76            0             5,438
79th Inf Division     240       1,896           240           0              2,438
90th Inf Division     386       1,979             34           0              2,376
82d A/B Div            457       1,440        2,571         12              4,480
101st A/B Div         546       2,217        1,907           0              4,480
Corps Troops            37          157            49          61                304
All Units               2,811     13,564        5,665         79            22,119

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