27 July, 2011

27 July, 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 403 % Postmaster, N.Y.
27 July, 1944

Wilma, darling –

I got a sweet letter from your mother yesterday, but none from you. I had been thinking of you and the folks all day and had written them earlier – so it was nice getting a letter. It kept me in the mood. I also heard from Steve who tells me you’re going to be “a sweet wife to have” – because among other things – you know how to put together cardboard cannons. You must show me sometime, darling. He really likes you, though, dear – and he’s frank enough to say he doesn’t – if he doesn’t. He still refers to you as Aunt Wilmer – so please put him straight.

The news around here has been good the past 24 hours and I hope it continues. Everyone here is optimistic – but I hope not dangerously so. It’s awfully easy to wish it were all over – but it isn’t over yet and on this front, at any rate, there’ll be plenty of hard fighting.

I finished reading that book I wrote you about and it was very good. We may have a movie tonite. I hope you’re on your vacation, sweetheart, and getting some relaxation. I continue to think of you and us constantly, dear, and it all ends up with I love you – and strongly! Love to the family and

All my love is yours –

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