08 August, 2011

08 August, 1944

438th AAA AW BN
APO 403 % Postmaster, N.Y.
8 August, 1944         1015

My dearest sweetheart –

I do love you more and more with each passing day – I know that. Your letters – our only medium of contact – make me realize it, too, darling – and I am happy. You say you’re concerned because I keep asking you how you grew to love me in only 4 months. You shouldn’t be concerned, dear. When I ask you that it’s because I can’t believe I was lucky enough to make you love me in so short a time. It’s a combination of ego and satisfaction. It is not doubt that you love me – not that at all, because, darling, I feel that you do. Sometimes you leave just a little suspicious note in a letter about my love for you. I imagine it follows receipt of one of my letters in which I didn’t express myself too well. Dearest girl – by now you must really know and feel too how much I love and care for you. In every thing I do – you are foremost in my mind and with success or not – I try to tell you that, dear, in every letter I write.

I was elated beyond description last night, darling when I received a batch of letters: from you – the 5th, 6th, 7th, 24th, 25th, 26th of July; also a letter from Dr. Finnegan, and one from Lil Zetlan. It sure made a good night’s reading – believe me. And you can see why I kept writing I wasn’t hearing from you. Those letters filled in a lot of spots. By the way, though, dear – there’s been no mention of your being away on vacation. How about that? I really wish you’d go. I think it would do you a lot of good. And before I forget it – how about this dieting business? And who ever told you I’d like you thinner? I liked you – every bit of you – I might add – the way you were, dear – and I don’t want you to get sick – dieting. I do think that weight can be kept level though by judicious eating and see no harm in cutting down on excessive sweets etc. But don’t overdo it!!

You’ve been very sweet and considerate in writing me about my mother and I love you for it. I’ve always loved my mother in a quiet sort of way. As I’ve written you before, I’ve seen other fellows’ mothers and I don’t think they can hold a candle to mine in honesty, simplicity and sincerity. There’s no doubt about it – she lives for her children – and you are one of them now – I know. To feel that you are so close to her dear – is very comforting. I can imagine some young girls feeling that a mother like mine is too old-fashioned and plain to have much to do with. Well – maybe she is, but that’s the way I like her and I’m glad my wife will feel the same.

Frankly I’m worried about her going to the hospital. She had held out so long – she must have felt quite low to allow herself to be persuaded. Yes – I had wanted her to go in for some time – but that was when I was around and could keep in touch. I just hope and pray that nothing seriously wrong will be found.

Speaking of gifts, sweetheart, again I wish I could send you something. I’m a hell of a fiancé. I should be buying you nice things, taking you places and doing things for you. Is there something you’ve wanted, dear, that you just quite haven’t gotten around to buying for yourself? Really – I wish you’d be honest. I would feel better if I could get you some sort of gift. What do you say?

I wondered about your remark about Irving looking tired – and after his vacation. I still don’t understand his set-up with Verna. Maybe he’s worrying about getting into the services. His case used to come up every six months. And why, darling, were you so sure I’d know the Wilcoff girl because she was someone Stan had been taking out? The fact is that I got back from Manuevers – a year ago June. I had been away – since the previous November. Between June and July 24th – I did not go out at any time with Stan – see?? You were the first date – sweetheart – and I had seen enough. Oh – no – I’m all wrong. Boy! How one forgets! I did go out with Stan – about two or 3 times. I’m sorry, darling – I took more than one look – but I knew when to stop looking. You were the girl for me and I believe I told you so in a very short time.

I’ll have to stop now – dearest. Remember that you’re the only girl in the world for me and that I love you more than anyone or anything. Always remember that! Love to the folks, darling - and

All my love to you


about The German Counterattack Failure

A U.S. soldier moves cautiously across a narrow road under tank cover .
The tank is fit with a hedgecutter, and its gun is set to shoot while moving.
This photo belongs to Photosnormandie's Flickr Photostream.

The Germans, who had lost approximately half of the 145 tanks engaged in Operation Luttich, continued their vast counter-attack. But the surprise effect had passed, and the Americans now have seven divisions - including two armoured - attached to General Collins's VII Corps to counter the troops of the Seventh German Army of General Hausser.

During this time, Operation Totalize was fully engaged. The 1st Polish Armored Division took part in the offensive and attacked towards the East against the 85th German Infantry division. Allied bombers attacked the sectors of Bretteville-sur-Laize, Haut-Mesnil, Cauvicourt and Saint-Sylvain in the southeast of Caen. The 2nd and 53rd English Canadian divisions attacked in the West through the Forêt de Cinglais, and the 4th Canadian Armored division recorded a strong progression along the Caen-Falaise road.

General Bradley noticed the surrounding of the German Army and, seeing a unique opportunity to precipitate the end of the German Army in the West of France, proposed a new operation to Eisenhower.

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