09 August, 2011

09 August, 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 403 % Postmaster, N.Y.
9 August, 1944         1600

Dearest darling –

A hurried letter today, dear, because it has been a busy day. Chief among the things that has preoccupied the medical detachment – has been the “capture” of a small German vehicle similar in purpose to our jeep. It’s the cutest thing you ever saw and in good running order. The only trouble is that a recent order makes us turn in all such things. Up to then we were able to keep them. Anyway – we’re painting Red Crosses all over it – until such a time as we have to give it up.

Everything else is about the same, sweetheart, except my love for you which is one day older and therefore that much richer. Incidentally I loved your part-letter in French. It was well done and strangely enough – I understood all of it. It must be that “language of love” that they write about.

Haven’t heard from home yet about Mother’s visit to the hospital – and naturally, darling, I’m rather on edge until I do. I hope all is well. Love to the folks et al and to you, dear,

My deepest love


about Some Photos from 9 August 1944

At Saint Manvieu Bocage, soldiers of the 28th Infantry Division
paint "USA" on a captured German Kübelwagen (jeep).
This photo belongs to PhotosNormandie's Flickr Photostream.

Soldiers of the 28th Infantry Division read Stars and Stripes.
This photo belongs to PhotosNormandie's Flickr Photostream.

Saint-Servan, market town and fishing port on 9 August 1944,
and (below) as part of Saint Malo today.

Saint-Servan was then the market town and fishing port of three municipalities: Saint-Malo, Parame, Saint-Servan. This community was liberated by the U.S. 83rd Infantry Division on 9 August 1944. Quai Solidor is shown in both pictures.

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