14 August, 2011

14 August, 1944

438th AAA AW BN
APO 403 % Postmaster, N.Y.
14 August, 1944        0900

My darling –

Two more letters from you last nite – Aug 3 and 4th. Think of that – only 10 days. That, however, represents the best time mail has made. I also heard from Lawrence – and I got a letter from Verna. The latter apologized for Irv’s not writing. I guess he’s pretty busy with his music, tutees and extra-curricular duties. Verna took it upon herself to defend Stan’s failure to write, dear. You may or may not remember – I wrote Irv some time ago that I couldn’t understand Stan, his not writing etc. – and wondered whether he resented my engagement. Verna wrote that Stan was “terrifically” busy; he was – after all – in charge of five stores; he was working very hard and Irv and Verna were hearing from him about once in six weeks; Verna had mentioned to Stan when he was in Boston that I wondered why he hadn’t written me and Stan said he would just have to make a point of doing – and to top it all off – and here’s the paradox to his whole busy state – his social whirl was terrific; he was being rushed by this Wilcoff person (whom Verna also feels I met) and other women too. She closed her letter by saying that after all – I knew Stan better than she – and there couldn’t be an “ounce of resentment in his whole body.” If I ever read a lot of poppy-cock – that letter was it – although it was nice of Verna to write. I’ll answer her and completely ignore the Subject of Stan. The thought of him running around and having a swell time in Washington – makes me kind of see red. Someday, sweetheart, I’ll tell you what was believed to be his real diagnosis when he was paralyzed. The fact is – there are a lot of men in the army now – doing hard fighting – who are in much worse physical shape than he – and he isn’t even doing anything approaching an essential job. How did he get away with it? Goddammit – I get so mad at times, darling – I’m sorry. I just can’t help it – when I see what’s going on here – and realize what some people are “putting” up with at home. Just think – in addition to Music I and the tutees – mind you – poor Irv has the glee club and a class in Harmony. Of course – Cambridge must be very hot this time of the year.

Well, forget it – darling. After the war – we’ll be the ones who will be sitting pretty. There are so many soldiers and sailors and marines coming home – that it will be a small group of men who won’t have something to tell about in reference to the war and I’m glad I won’t be with that small group.

Hell – dear – didn’t mean to get so bitchy. It’s Monday a.m. – but not a blue one. The weather is swell and the news so good – it’s hard to believe – even from here where we can see it develop right in from of us. Yesterday – several of us went looking for a shower point – couldn’t find it and got so dirty and dusty riding the roads – that we finally found a small river with a swimming hole and went in. It was the first swim in a year and it was wonderful – We had our soap, towels, fresh underwear with us – so we went to work cleaning up. The trouble is – once you hit the road – you’re dusty again in about 2 minutes. In the evening – we played Black Jack and I won about 185 francs.

I was glad to read about Bea and her living so close to you. It will give you a bit more diversion. And speaking of that – I was glad to read you went out with the girls and ended up at the Esplanade. Getting out more often is good for you, darling. That program – by the way – sounded very good. I like particularly – Brahms’ 4th.

Yes – we see the Stars here. I guess I don’t know many of the names – but the sky is beautiful here too. Too often however it is illuminated by dropped flares – which make it very eerie and then you can’t look anyway – you have to duck out of sight – because it becomes as light as daylight.

I was sorry to hear about Les – but I felt sure that would happen if he were with the infantry. I hope he comes in this direction – although a good many of them are going towards the Pacific.

Sweetheart – I’ll stop now. Your letters have been very sweet, darling and if ever a man wanted to come back to his sweetheart so that he could marry her – dearest, that man is I. Every day that chance is getting better and soon dear I know we’ll be together and living our lives as they were meant to be lived. Just keep praying, darling. For now – so long, love to the folks and

My deepest and sincerest love is yours –

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