17 August, 2011

17 August, 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 403 % Postmaster, N.Y.
17 August, 1944      1430

Dearest darling –

A “shortie” today, due to the exigencies of war. Ahem – that sounds important. It really isn’t though. I spent the morning visiting 3 of the batteries, dear, chiefly to determine whether I would award any Purple Hearts – or not. In case you don’t know it, sweetheart, I am authorized to make such an award and keep a stock of them on hand. I’m sorry to say that I’ve had occasion to give them out in several cases.

Greg did not name this town which he may have
driven through on his way to visit 3 batteries.

No mail for a couple of days, darling, but it’s really a wonder we ever get any these days – we jump around so much – but I haven’t heard one complaint. We all feel we’re going in the right direction and that compensates for a great deal.

I missed you a lot last night, darling. We had had a chance to dig in early and things were quiet. I caught myself dreaming of myself back home with you, and then, sweetheart, I missed you more than ever. Gosh, dear, I do love you more and more and want you as my wife more than I can tell you. So hold tight! Love to the family and

All my deepest love -


about Taking Falaise

On 15 August the 2nd and 3rd Canadian Infantry Divisions, with the support of the 2nd Canadian (Armored) Brigade, renewed their drive south, but progress remained slow. After harsh fighting and having weathered several German counter-attacks, the 4th Armored Division captured Soulangy, although strong German resistance prevented an outright breakthrough to Trun and the day's gains were minimal. On 16 August the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division broke into Falaise itself, encountering minor opposition from Waffen SS units and scattered pockets of German infantry, and by 17 August had secured the town.

As Falaise burns, a Canadian MP directs traffic
at Place Saint Gervais on 17 August 1944
This photo belongs to PhotosNormandie's Flickr Photostream

A Canadian truck in Falaise passes St. Gervais
Church on Rue de Cain on 17 August 1944.
Cafe du Commerce is now Pizzeria La Place.
This photo belongs to PhotosNormandie's Flickr Photostream.

Same Intersection today.

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