22 January, 2012

22 January 1945


438th AAA AW BN
APO 230 % Postmaster, N.Y.
22 January, 1945        1045

Dearest sweetheart –

Starting another week today and the more that pass by, the better I like it. Somewhere about this time of the year, darling, a guys starts looking around for a Valentine. Circumstances prevent my sending you the normal Red heart and arrow – but there’s nothing to stop me from asking you if you are and will be my Valentine, dear. Are you!!

The days are slipping by, darling, and I’ll be glad to see January behind us. That will leave the month of February and then we’ll probably be able to get going again. It’s the shortness of the days and the lengthy evenings that we hate so much.

And on top of everything, the incongruities continue. Last night – with all the cold and discomfort etc – our liquor ration arrived – and this month it was champagne. So what do you think, dear? Yes – we drank several bottles of Champagne. It just doesn’t make sense – but neither does the whole war, darling. Anyway, this makes sense: I love you and want to marry you the first chance I get. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, dear, nothing. It sounds fine to me. All for now, sweetheart

All my deepest love


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The snapshots that follow were taken from Normandy to Victory: The War Diary of General Courtney H. Hodges & the First U.S. Army, maintained by his aides Major William C. Sylvan and Captain Francis G. Smith Jr.; edited by John T. Greenwood, copyright 2008 by the Association of the United States Army, pp. 269-270.

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