24 January, 2012

24 January 1945

No letter today. Just this:

The following photographs were taken by Greg and labeled only "Belgium - 1945." With dates unspecified, they are shown here. They may have been taken when Greg went to visit the Field Hospital or when he was moving to his new quarters on this day in 1945.

[Be sure to CLICK on each photo to enlarge it.]

A Couple of Convoys Meet at a Crossroad.
Note Red Cross Pointing to Our Aid Station.
Belgium - January 1945

Going away is a Limey convoy.
Coming in is our own.
Belgium - January 1945

Field Strewn with Wrecked and Abandoned American Tanks
Belgium - January 1945

Knocked out Sherman Tank
Belgium - January 1945

Wrecked British Equipment
Belgium - January 1945

Knocked out German Tank
Belgium - January 1945

Knocked out German Panther Tank
Belgium - January 1945 - The Ardennes

Route of the Question Mark

(B) Verleumont to (A) Failon, Belgium (30 miles)
10-24 January 1945

January 24...Failon. Return engagement, a much needed rest period, which meant that we worked harder than ever. Here Pct ROSA established a fraternizing record, we spread out in all the houses in the village, and T/5 [Frank A.] SARACINO and T/5 [Rocco] DERASMO lived in an elegant bedroom and slept on the softest, whitest, loveliest bed in the world. Cognac in the local cafe at eighteen dollars a bottle, so 1st Sgt [Stanley F.] KOWALSKI gave them competition by setting up a bar of our own in the mess hall. Major [William J.] SHEA left us and Major[Raymond W.] HOAG joined us.

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