05 February, 2012

05 February 1945

No letter today. Just this:

Route of the Question Mark

(A) Failon, Belgium to (B) Stolberg, Germany (62 miles)
24 January to 5 February 1945

February 5 ... Stolberg. Back to our old quarters in the department store with the Nazis pinned behind the Siegfried line once more. Presparations for The Battle of Germany. Replacements arrived from the States, and all of them good men, which was a miracle. The impressive warnings against fraternizing with the Germans - we are to remain cold and aloof at all times. Capt A's frantic and successful efforts to get "The Blonde" out of jail, which made T/Sgt [Clayton W. or Lars G.?] PIERSON and several others very happy.

City Square - Now a GI Car Park
Stolberg, Germany - 1945

This is dissection
Stolberg, Germany - February 1945

Main Street. That is not Schulte's Cigar Store.
After all - it's not on a corner.
Stolberg, Germany - February 1945

This stream bisects the city
Stolberg, Germany - February 1945

The Castle at Stolberg, Germany - February 1945

Stolberg, Germany - February 1945

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