16 February, 2012

16 February 1945


438th AAA AW BN
APO 230 % Postmaster, N.Y.
16 February, 1945

Good Morning, Sweetheart –

Here goes your pet hate – a V-mail – but I haven’t overdone it – have I? If I don’t get this off now – I know I’ll not get a chance to write. Damn it – the boys are playing “There Goes That Song Again” on the Vic. We just got it the other day and I like it – but it’s sad. I don’t know how old it is but it must have been fairly high on the Hit Parade.

Here is a clip of "There Goes That Song Again," from "Carolina Blues."

Last nite we saw “Doughgirls” with Jane Wyman, Ann Sheridan et al. We were in the mood for that type of comedy and enjoyed it a lot. The weather here continues to be beautiful and yesterday was so mild you could walk around without a jacket – and the sun was out all day. I rode over to a nearby city and took some pictures of the destruction. I had been there before but it was always cloudy.

[Click on a picture to make it larger]
This was supposed to show why Aachen was called the
City of Churches - but the camera couldn't quite make it.
You can just barely see the many steeples.

Near Aachen. If you look closely you can see the words
HITLER JUGEND. This was a special school for Hitler youths.

Aachen - 1200 yr old cathedral -
where Charlemagne was coronated.

Aachen Cathedral Today

Aachen 1945. This is solid cement-walled "BUNKER" where people
lived for days in terrible conditions. Many of these thru Germany.

Former famous hotel, then German HQ - now a wreck.
Aachen - February 1945

Hotal Quellenhof - Today

Aachen - German Aid station, tank, and cross-section of
an apartment house. Most of Aachen is like this - a result of RAF.

Got a letter from Lawrence of Feb 4 yesterday and was glad to read he got a hosp. job. That should keep him around for a few months anyway. And darling – I haven’t told you that I love you hard because you’re the sweetest girl in the world!! Stay that way. I’ll be back one of these days. Love to the folks and

All my deepest love

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