15 March, 2012

15 March 1945


438th AAA AW BN
APO 230 % Postmaster, N.Y.
15 March, 1945

Hello Sweetheart –

Another Ides of March away from you, dear. The weather here suddenly cleared and the sky is blue and the sun real warm. I’m writing this outdoors on an easy chair – and it’s really comfortable here.

Our present set-up is again a novel one. We occupy a row of small cottages on one side of the street. It’s suburban and a good location. We have a house or our own – with running water – but no lights. Well – we can’t have everything, darling.

March 1945 - Greg in Friesdorf

As usual – on such days – I’ve got quite a lot of work – getting set up etc. – and therefore the V-mail and the brevity. All else O.K., sweetheart and I hope you’re well. Love to the folks and remember I love you very very much.

All my love, darling

Route of the Question Mark

(A) Bruhl to (B) Friesdorf, Germany (17 miles)
12 March to 15 March 1945

March 15... Freisdorf.  The sure arrival of  Spring, and we lived in a row of neat little houses facing an orchard where our trucks were parked. A dozen men, T/Sgt [Albert W. or Roland C.] WRIGHT, S/Sgt [Ralph D.] SIGLER, T/Sgt [Robert E.] WHEELER, T/4 [William] BIEDERMAN, T/4 [GLenn M.] ASH, T/4 [August] STARK [Jr.], T/4 [Cecil W.] ALEXANDER, Cpl [Myron F.] SCRAFFORD, T/5 [Walter] KURAS, T/5 [Miles E.] CONWAY, T/5 [Robert E.] BEGGAN, Pfc [John] CALICYO, had to sleep in tents in the orchard because their beds were untidy, called the row "The dirty dozen" and "Pig-alley" - complete with pig. We lost our motion picture projector... Cleaned out our trailers... painted our trucks.


about More from General Hodges

The snapshots that follow were taken from Normandy to Victory: The War Diary of General Courtney H. Hodges & the First U.S. Army, maintained by his aides Major William C. Sylvan and Captain Francis G. Smith Jr.; edited by John T. Greenwood, copyright 2008 by the Association of the United States Army, pp.334-335.

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