22 March, 2012

22 March 1945


438th AAA AW BN
APO 230 % Postmaster, N.Y.
22 March, 1945      0900

Dearest sweetheart –

Only a few moments – in which to say “hello, hello, hello; I love you, I love you, I love you!” Sorry to be so curt and scrawly, darling, but I’m on my way – as usual – and I’m trying to reverse the procedure by writing you now instead of later.

But time’s-a-wastin’ – dearest and duty calls – so I’ll be off in a cloud of dust. But I love you deeply – even when I’m in a hurry – so there’s no way out; you’ll just have to marry me!

Love to all – So long for now –
All my love, sweetheart

Route of the Question Mark

(A) Friesdorf to (B) Königswinter, Germany
(2-6 miles, depending on where the bridge was...)
15 March - 22 March 1945

March 22... Longenburg (at Königswinter). The crossing of the Rhine, and the castle where we found the wine. The pleasant life on the terrace, where we ate and listened to Pfc HANSON's records, and had our parties. Chow call was played on the Victrola at meal times. The memorable party on the last night of our stay. Here Pvt BIGGIE and T/5 DE SILVA, checking a break in the line, were hospitalized when an 88 mm shell exploded near them.

Königswinter - Front Patio - Enlisted Men's Mess
Note Victrola - Continuous Music
Aid Station Directly Inside - March 1945

These photos were taken on the way from Friesdorf to Königswinter.
March 1945 - "Long Tom" waiting to cross the Rhine

A Pontoon Bridge over the Rhine. Farther shore is West Bank.
Note guards every several yards watching for floating mines.
Bonn, Germany - March 1945

Our first crossing of Rhine - Just Above Remagen, Germany
Background is artificial smoke screen.
March 1945

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