18 May, 2012

18 May 1945


438th AAA AW BN
APO 230 % Postmaster, N.Y.
18 May, 1945      0820
Leipzig, Germany
Dearest sweetheart –

Now we can say where we are – and it’s the old story of the Army taking a little time to make up its mind. I’m in a hurry this morning, darling, although irrelevant or not – this is as good a place as any to tell you I love you and only you. Oh yes. I’m in a hurry to get started for Halle – and a place just north of it – Kothen – to do some more physicals. If I grab that bunch today – I’ll have only a handful more to do. It’s quite a job – doing a battalion.

I got a swell letter yesterday of the 6th of May – and the events of the next two days were still not evident to you when you wrote the letter. Here – we had an inkling. But inkling or no – I love you very very hard – and as I see it from here – that’s the important thing – particularly since I suspect you love me too. Time to go, dear. Love to the folks – and all my deepest and sincerest love is yours –


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