19 May, 2012

19 May 1945

438th AAA AW BN
APO 230 % Postmaster, N.Y.
19 May, 1945      0810
Leipzig, Germany

My dearest sweetheart –

It seems to me that all I did yesterday was to dash off a V-mail to you and let it go at that – for which I ought to be spanked. Actually – I didn’t get back here until quite late and I was a bit tired from pounding around in the jeep all day. They do have some swell roads over here, though, particularly the Reichsautobahn – which are super-highways in every sense of the word. They connect all Germany and never run through cities or towns. Also – there are no billboards, roadside stands or gas stations.

Well – anyway – it wasn’t until about 2000 that I was free and then someone suggested a swim. Of course – I was talked into it – and there you are, dear. The fact is – I’m trying to get into shape – and swimming is as good a way as any to get the muscles working and the wind developed. The funny thing is that every one is ‘soft’ – despite the fact that we’ve just come thru a war. Back in Normandy – we all dug trenches – but as we got into Germany and took over houses, we got lazy – and careless.

Mail has been rather punk – for no reason that I’m able to figure out. But I did get one – no three – swell letters from you this week – and they carried me over very well. I did get a bit disgruntled when I read about Dr. Diamond. It just makes you – and I’m not the only one over here who feels this way – a bit envious when you hear of this fellow or that back at home doing a pile of work, research etc – while you’re over here wasting time and slowly but surely becoming an also-ran. But I have said that what I wanted more than anything else was to last the war out without getting hit by something – and the Lord saw to that – so I’m going to be thankful for that and not complain about anything else. You may or may not know it, dear, the MC’s took quite a beating.

The other part of your letter – the one in which you mentioned Lou Diamond – was really in the groove – sweetheart – and the sort of stuff I really eat up – I mean the future and Salem and people visiting us and the Caplans telling you that you really beam when you discuss us. That’s what I like to read, darling, because it does something to me inside, too. And when I read a letter like that from you dear, it makes me realize how much I really love you – and I like to sit back then and just dream. You may have trouble with me, you know, dear – because I’ve become quite a dreamer. I’m likely to get a call some evening – sit back and dream I’ve made it – and not even leave the house. Oh yes – you’ll really have to watch me. Besides all that, darling, I’m very good at quick passes.

No news yet of any import as to the future. We’ll go back to the States – there’s no doubt about that. The unit may or may not be broken up. From there on – no one knows – but I’m betting I’ll get a good crack at the States – and if fate is kind – maybe I’ll stay.

Well – darling – that’s all for now. Some more work – and fraternization or no – our big problem now is V.D.

Love to the folks, sweetheart, and
All my everlasting love,

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