26 May, 2012

26 May 1945


438th AAA AW BN
APO 230 % Postmaster, N.Y.
26 May, 1945      0820
Leipzig, Germany

Dearest sweetheart –

It’s a big day coming up and I have to resort to this. I’ve got to inspect a couple of the batteries and I’ll have to keep hopping most of the day. Got two swell letters from you yesterday, darling – 15, 16 May – but before I discuss them I want to take up a little matter you mentioned in a previous letter – ahem – so I used to be a “smoothie” – huh? And all the girls “used to want to meet” me, dear? What did you think about that? I had no idea that my “past” would haunt me, sweetheart, but of course you know I’m strictly a one-woman guy. Gee, dear, I’ll do my best not to waiver – but you know how it is when the girls go chasin’ you. I had so hoped, too, that I had finally slipped away from them. Well – don’t worry, darling. I’m in love with you and I’m yours alone. I really laughed when I read that, though. I don’t know where that gal got her info – but as far as I can remember – she’s off the beam! All for now, dear, but remember I love you ever and ever so much and I always will. Love to the folks –

All my deepest love –


about The Question of Russian Relations

Despite the sudden death of President Roosevelt in early April, the United Nations Conference on International Organization convened in San Francisco as scheduled. The conference ran from 25 April 1945 until 26 June 1945. President Roosevelt had been working on his speech to the conference before he died. That never-delivered address contains the often-quoted words:
The work, my friends, is peace; more than an end of this war—an end to the beginning of all wars; … as we go forward toward the greatest contribution that any generation of human beings can make in this world—the contribution of lasting peace—I ask you to keep up your faith…."
China, the USSR, the UK, and the US acted as the sponsoring powers, and 46 other states participated, comprising all those that had signed the Declaration by United Nations of 1 January 1942 or had declared war on the Axis powers by March 1945. The huge conference was attended by 282 delegates and 1,444 other officially accredited persons from those 50 countries and by representatives of scores of private organizations interested in world affairs (50 from the US alone). The daily output of documents averaged half a million pages.

From the Crooks & Liars web site comes this article written by "Gordonskene".
On 26 May 1945 the San Francisco Peace conference was laying the groundwork for what would become the United Nations Charter. With war still going on in the Pacific, delegates from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America met to establish a means of working together as a Post-War world was coming into view.

But even then, even as the war was continuing, suspicions were raised over the future relationship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Was all this euphoria going to last? Some didn't think so. And even Assistant Secretary of State Archibald MacLeish made mention of it in this broadcast, part of a radio series devoted to the San Francisco Conference and our Foreign Policy.

Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982)
Statesman, Lawyer, Playwright, Poet, Librarian of Congress

Archibald MacLeish (Asst. Sec. of State):
Political events in Europe are regarded in some quarters not only as denying the promise of San Francisco but as qualifying the hope that the continuing collaboration between the great powers, upon which San Francisco is based, can continue. Certain commentators have even spoken openly of an inevitable conflict of interest between the Russians and ourselves, and have debated the question whether Russia, our present ally in this war, is our enemy or our friend. A curious debate, one would think, with our soldiers living side by side in conquered Germany and our common dead but freshly buried.
Interesting when you consider the Cold War became a reality not that long after these suspicions were cast. Interesting too, when you consider many members of the State Department at the time, including Alger Hiss, were hounded out of the State Department and labeled Communist operatives, triggering the Witch Hunts and Red Scare that permeated our National psyche for the better part of four decades.

But it all started out so optimistically.

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