15 June, 2012

15 June 1945

438th AAA AW BN
APO 339 % Postmaster, N.Y.
15 June, 1945       0755

My dearest sweetheart –

I’m off to an early start this morning because I have beaucoups things to do. We stayed at this C.P. for a fairly long time and as a result, we’re spread out – clothes, boxes, pajamas, bed-slippers – articles which we usually left packed away when we were moving rapidly, are all over the place now. I think there’ll be enough clothes left behind in France by departing troops to take care of all of France’s poorly clothed population. I know personally we’ll just have to leave a lot behind.

Tomorrow we have a rather early breakfast and then take off. The weather has been rotten here this week – but I’m hoping that it will clear up and warm up by tomorrow. It makes it nicer traveling.

And our mail situation seems to have deteriorated completely. Nothing at all has been coming in – and there’s sure to be a lapse now that we’re changing locations. I wonder if my mail has been reaching you regularly.

Say, dear, I was glad to read that you were doing a little driving. Could it be in anticipation of my return home? As I remember it, you were going to have your license before then – and you’d better keep your promise. As a matter of fact I don’t know whether I’ll want to do all the driving at first – or note at all. I’ve been chauffered around so long now, I’m getting used to having someone else do the driving. Army rules are still strict about officers not driving. I believe the reason is that in case of an accident – an officer can be held responsible and made to pay damages; a soldier cannot.

I enjoyed your little card “Missin’ You”. I got a bit dizzy getting it unfolded correctly – but the sentiment was correct, dear, and thanks for sending it. Gosh this country hasn’t got a store in it where you could buy anything like a card with a little color in it – or just a card. I’ll really be glad to get out of here. It’s the drabbest most morbid place in the world – and I’m fed up with it. The whole of Europe is literally lousy and dirty – and the United States are really going to look good. It was the same in England – and the fact is there’s just no place anywhere – quite like America. This side of the world has taken quite a beating. A lot of things you see don’t get into the papers. The once proud super-race of Germans is quite the opposite now. Men, boys and girls gather around in front of the movie entrance and dive for the cigarette butts the soldiers throw away. These are well dressed people – and not hobos. At every meal there are dozens of kids and adults lined up near our garbage pails – yes, dear, that’s true; and when the slop is thrown in – they each in turn have a crack at it. Some of the bolder kids will ask the soldier to dump his mess kit with a little cereal left in it or a half-pancake – into the pail – and some of them do. It’s sickening – but I haven’t yet felt sorry for the bastards. There’s always a terrific scramble for the coffee grounds and the left over bread crumbs. It will be the same in France – and it’s the same in every country around Europe’s border. I’m sick of it – although I’m in sympathy with all the peoples except the Germans who obviously hate us and yet come begging. But boy oh boy! Are they ever scared of the Russians who, they know, will be taking over this territory soon. As tough as it is for them now, it’s going to be worse – because at least we don’t bother them.

Well – I didn’t mean to get started on such a sorry subject, sweetheart. Actually – despite my morbid feelings of the past few days, I’m very happy inside. The fact that I’m heading westward – even if I can’t make it home in one session – is a very enjoyable feeling. I love you so, darling – my one regret these days is that you have to go thru the uncertainty of waiting, waiting. But, sweetheart, I just can’t help it. We can find solace in the fact that the war is over, and I will be coming home – a little sooner, a little later – but I’m coming back. And when I do – our lives begin anew.

Gotta go – dear. Love to the folks and

All my deepest, sincerest love,


about Navajo Code Talkers' Code

Navajo Code Talkers

Taken from the Official Site of the Navajo Code comes this:
It is the only unbroken code in modern military history. It baffled the Japanese forces of WWII. It was even indecipherable to a Navajo soldier taken prisoner and tortured on Bataan. In fact, during test evaluations, Marine cryptologists said they couldn't even transcribe the language, much less decode it.

The secret code created by the Navajo Code Talkers was a surprisingly simple marvel of cryptographic innovation. It contained native terms that were associated with specialized or commonly used military language, as well as native terms that represented the letters in the alphabet.

In a simple, memorable way, the military terms tended to resemble the things with which they were associated. For example, the Navajo word for tortoise, "chay-da-gahi," meant tank, and a dive-bomber, "gini," was a "chicken hawk," (a bird which dives on its prey). Sometimes the translation was more literal, as in "besh-lo" (iron fish) which meant submarine; other times it was metaphorical, as in "ne-he-mah" (our mother), which meant America.

English words that didn't have an associated term could be spelled out using Navajo words that represented letters of the alphabet. The selection of a given term was based on the first letter of the English meaning of the Navajo word. For instance, "Wo-La-Chee" means "ant," and would represent the letter "A". Other "A" words such as "be-la-sana" (apple), or "tse-nill" (ax), would also be substituted in order to eliminate excessive repetition, which might allow the code to be cracked.

Widely acknowledged to be instrumental in the success of every major engagement of the Pacific from Guadalcanal to Okinawa, this brilliant code allowed embattled regiments of Marines to communicate quickly, concisely, and above all, securely. It saved countless lives and helped end the war.
A revised edition of the code was published on 15 June 1945. Here are some examples: the alphabet and the names of countries.



    A                WOL-LA-CHEE                ANT
    A                BE-LA-SANA                 APPLE
    A                TSE-NILL                   AXE
    B                NA-HASH-CHID               BADGER
    B                SHUSH                      BEAR
    B                TOISH-JEH                  BARREL
    C                MOASI                      CAT
    C                TLA-GIN                    COAL
    C                BA-GOSHI                   COW
    D                BE                         DEER
    D                CHINDI                     DEVIL
    D                LHA-CHA-EH                 DOG
    E                AH-JAH                     EAR
    E                DZEH                       ELK
    E                AH-NAH                     EYE
    F                CHUO                       FIR
    F                TSA-E-DONIN-EE             FLY
    F                MA-E                       FOX
    G                AH-TAD                     GIRL
    G                KLIZZIE                    GOAT
    G                JEHA                       GUM
    H                TSE-GAH                    HAIR
    H                CHA                        HAT
    H                LIN                        HORSE
    I                TKIN                       ICE
    I                YEH-HES                    ITCH
    I                A-CHI                      INTESTINE
    J                TKELE-CHO-G                JACKASS
    J                AH-YA-TSINNE               JAW
    J                YIL-DOI                    JERK
    K                JAD-HO-LONI                KETTLE
    K                BA-AH-NE-DI-TININ          KEY
    K                KLIZZIE-YAZZIE             KID
    L                DIBEH-YAZZIE               LAMB
    L                AH-JAD                     LEG
    L                NASH-DOIE-TSO              LION
    M                TSIN-TLITI                 MATCH
    M                BE-TAS-TNI                 MIRROR
    M                NA-AS-TSO-SI               MOUSE
    N                TSAH                       NEEDLE
    N                A-CHIN                     NOSE
    O                A-KHA                      OIL
    O                TLO-CHIN                   ONION
    O                NE-AHS-JAH                 OWL
    P                CLA-GI-AIH                 PANT
    P                BI-SO-DIH                  PIG
    P                NE-ZHONI                   PRETTY
    Q                CA-YEILTH                  QUIVER
    R                GAH                        RABBIT
    R                DAH-NES-TSA                RAM
    R                AH-LOSZ                    RICE
    S                DIBEH                      SHEEP
    S                KLESH                      SNAKE
    T                D-AH                       TEA
    T                A-WOH                      TOOTH
    T                THAN-ZIE                   TURKEY
    U                SHI-DA                     UNCLE
    U                NO-DA-IH                   UTE
    V                A-KEH-DI-GLINI             VICTOR 
    W                GLOE-IH                    WEASEL
    X                AL-NA-AS-DZOH              CROSS
    Y                TSAH-AS-ZIH                YUCCA
    Z                BESH-DO-TLIZ               ZINC                  

    AFRICA          ZHIN-NI                     BLACKIES
    ALASKA          BEH-HGA                     WITH WINTER
    AMERICA         NE-HE-MAH                   OUR MOTHER
    AUSTRALIA       CHA-YES-DESI                ROLLED HAT
    BRITAIN         TOH-TA                      BETWEEN WATERS
    CHINA           CEH-YEHS-BESI               BRAIDED HAIR
    FRANCE          DA-GHA-HI                   BEARD
    GERMANY         BESH-BE-CHA-HE              IRON HAT
    ICELAND         TKIN-KE-YAH                 ICE LAND
    INDIA           AH-LE-GAI                   WHITE CLOTHES
    JAPAN           BEH-NA-ALI-TSOSIE           SLANT EYE
    RUSSIA          SILA-GOL-CHI-IH             RED ARMY
    SPAIN           DEBA-DE-NIH                 SHEEP PAIN

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