16 June, 2012

16 June 1945

No letter today. Just this:


about One San Francisco Conference Report

This San Francisco Conference Report, as it was heard over NBC on 16 June 1945, was posted on Past Daily from the Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

That post stated:

We were still less than two months away from the end of World War 2, but even in June of 1945 the movement was afoot to establish the United Nations as soon as possible. Held in San Francisco, the members of the U.N. gathered and got busy hammering out a Charter, trying to succeed where the League of Nations had fallen apart.

This broadcast from 16 June 1945, part of the NBC Radio Series "Our Foreign Policy", featured a discussion of the charter and the day's activities by Undersecretary of State, Archibald Macleish, and Dean of Barnard College, Virginia Gildersleeve, who was the sole female representative from the U.S.
Dean Virginia Gildersleve: “The Human Rights Commission is expected to draft a Bill of Rights for all mankind that will be comparable to our own Bill of Rights in our own Constitution. It will investigate abuses in this field, and do continuous research, and in general serve the conscience of the United Nations.”

The irony in all this is that Gildersleeve, as Dean of Barnard College, was adamant about preventing the number of Jewish students enrolling in the college. She was also adamantly against the formation of Israel. It would appear the concept of Human Rights applied to other countries and other people, not necessarily her.

And somehow a charter was adopted.

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