26 June, 2012

26 June 1945

438th AAA AW BN
APO 513 % Postmaster, N.Y.
26 June, 1945      1045
Nancy, France

My dearest sweetheart –

Well, I didn’t write you yesterday and as usual – the reason was because we were on the road. I doubt if any outfit in the Army has moved as often as this one. At any rate, dear, we left Reims, traveled 130 miles east and here we are. I hated heading back in the general direction of Germany again – but directions don’t mean much. When the time comes to go – I’ll go swiftly – from any corner of France.

The set-up for the officers is swell. We have a large private home and the dental officer and I share a tremendous room, with closets, shelves, large windows which open outwards, and roller type sun shades. By the way – I’ve never mentioned the new dental officer. We got him – the last days in Leipzig; he’s Jewish and from Brooklyn – but he seems to be of a much nicer type than our previous dentist with the same combination. He’s married, and about the same age as I.

Well – to go on – the house has a front porch, and rear and side patios, back lawn etc; there are 3 bathrooms and a couple of other washrooms besides. But get this, darling – we’re running our own officers’ mess for the 15 of us and we have two full time French cooks and two waiters. We also have outside help to do our room – in the persons of German prisoners. Incidentally – German prisoners are being used all over France. The master race doesn’t look too proud, either.

So here we are, dear, and for how long – I don’t know. No one here at Hq knows. Our Colonel is Provost-Marshall of the City and our boys are the M.P.’s – that’s Baker and Charlie batteries. Able and Dog are doing the same at Metz. Nancy has a population of 125,000 and is quite modern because it was badly beat up in the last war. There’s practically no damage from this one. It has been called “the little Paris” – but so far, I don’t know why. Last night we spent in fixing up our room and it looks fairly nice considering everything. I managed to find a rug, couple of small tables etc.

The Colonel and I were talking – out front - and a neighbor came over to say “hello.” He asked us over – he has a beautiful home – and we met his wife. They have a couple of kids – 8 and 10 yrs old and we spent a nice hour or so. We found they played Bridge and they asked us over tonite to play. It’s next door.

The latest letter I have from you, sweetheart, is dated 15 June and which I received before we left Reims. That’s not bad, either. And you discussed marriage, etc. – in it. I’ve been waiting for you to mention the subject. I’m pleased with what you had to say, too, dear. I haven’t wanted to pin you down or anything like that. But I didn’t know exactly how you felt, for instance, about my coming home and having to leave. I wanted to know if you’d marry me – all other factors being O.K. I realize we’ve been apart a long time, darling, and that there’ll be a few things we’ll want to see about – to see how things shape up – etc. But if all things do seem to be all right – I feel we ought to marry, regardless of my next assignment. I gather, dear, that you feel the same – and it makes me very happy to know that – because it’s the one thing in the world I’ve been thinking about since the war was over. And I honestly believe everything will work out all right, too, because first of all and most important – we love each other and we’ve got a lot of good time behind us – I mean testing time – and we’ve proved we can take it. Families, problems, details – I’m sure will seem easier once I get back – and so, sweetheart, here’s to an early return and us.

And now I’ve got to go and take care of many details – water supply and whether it’s potable, V.D. rate, prostitution – etc. etc. Be well darling, and patient a little longer. We’ll make it up. So long, dear and love to the folks.

All my sincerest love –

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