29 June, 2012

29 June 1945

438th AAA AW BN
APO 513 % Postmaster, N.Y.
29 June, 1945      1040
My dearest sweetheart –

It’s a rather cool, dull day today, but it has been fairly busy here this morning so far, and I haven’t minded too much. I haven’t heard from you since we hit this place, but mail started to trickle in yesterday. Once it gets going, we’ll get really good service and I should start hearing from you regularly again. I did get one letter yesterday – a V-Mail from Verna Fine – written 19 June. She’s still expecting us down – to spend part of our “honeymoon” – (what a lovely word!) and she said she hoped she wasn’t assuming too much. She wasn’t, as far as I’m concerned, darling – although I don’t suppose we’d be spending it there. It’s such a nice subject to think about though.

I had a fairly busy day yesterday. In the p.m. I had to take blood tests on our civilian help – just to make sure they didn’t have Syphilis. That’s always a good precaution when you’re in France. The rate is high. I went up to the General Hospital near here to see if they’d do the tests and while there I thought I’d walk over to the O.P.D. to meet the MC in charge – because I send all my hospital patients through him and it’s better if I know him. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and saw a fellow I hadn’t seen in six years. He was a resident at the Beverly Hospital when I was an intern there – and I hadn’t run across him since. He lives in Rochester, N.Y., name – Dave Ennis, and a pretty nice guy. We had a swell chat, reminiscing, and talking about a good many mutual friends. He knew the whereabouts of some, and I of others. His outfit has been in France ever since they hit the continent. It was really nice running into him. I’m going to have him over for dinner some night and he asked me to come up and do the same at his place.

The evening was quiet – as usual and we sat around listening to the radio and gabbing. I have a really comfortable room, plenty of space, good lighting etc – and since we have to stay for an indeterminate length of time, I’m going to try and make it as livable as possible. I managed to dig up a large rug, and I’ve got a couple of small tables, bed lamps, and 4 chairs. It’s not bad. Of course – there are no curtains, dear, but what the heck – this is summertime – and I can do without them. Non? Oui! And now I’m forgetting my German again and trying to pick up my French. I’ve forgotten a lot of it but it comes back easily – although I never did know French as well as I know German. Incidentally – quite a few people here speak German – this being Lorraine and bordering on the Alsace-Lorraine district that was under German domination from about 1870 until the last war.

Yup – when I finally arrive, sweetheart, I’ll put in a call to you immediately – as you suggested. I’ll probably give the operator your number and that of my home and take whichever comes first and then make the second call. Whichever it is – I’ll tell them (my folks) or you not to call the other because I want it to be a surprise – in either case. All American money had to be turned in in England. I kept one American dollar bill – so I’d have something with which to make a call. That was looking ahead a bit – but some day it may pay off. They’ll probably exchange our money before then, though. And, darling, I’ll tell you I love you, all night – just wait and see. I’ll like nothing better. Boy – I can hardly wait for that experience. Gee – I hardly remember what your voice sounds like – dammit, it’s a shame to say it – but it’s true. And then to be able to see you, hold your hand, kiss you – well, I don’t know sweetheart – maybe I’ll be the one who collapses. Just the thought of it is so very very stimulating!! Am I ever going to love you!!

And now, again, darling, I’ll say “so long”. Be with you again tomorrow. Until then, dear, hold my love, love to the folks – and don’t forget,

I’m yours – for always

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