19 September, 2012

19 September 1945

Note: The last letter was 18 September 1945.
The remainder of entries are paperwork and mementos.

Greg received his "Green Project" (return home) orders on 19 September 1945, and therefore did not mention these orders in his last letter, on 18 September. Even if he had had an inkling, no doubt he wouldn't write it until he was sure. He knew that writing a letter on the 19th made no sense since he would probably be home - or at least would have sent a telegram - before the letter would arrive. In any case, there probably were no words for the joy, excitement and anticipation he felt on that day. Here are those long-awaited orders...

(Translated, below)

Here's the same thing, with abbreviations translated...

1.  CAPTAIN [GREG], Medical Detachment, 438th AAA AW Bn (M) will proceed on or about 20 September 1945 to Paris, France, reporting upon arrival to Transportation Officer, Seine Section, for move by Green Project Debarkation for move to reception station nearest his home for further instruction and disposition. Captain [GREG is released from further assignment and duty in this theater. Effective Date of Change on Morning Report: 4 October 1945

2. Travel by military or naval aircraft, Army or Navy transportation, Commercial Steamship, belligerent vessel, aircraft and/or rail transportation is directed. The provisions of AR 35-4820 19 April 1945, will apply to the Officer named above while traveling outside this theater.

3. The baggage allowance of 65 pounds is authorized while traveling by air. All other authorization excesses and personal baggage will be packed, marked with owner's name, rank, Army Service Number, arm of service and specific address in the U.S. where baggage is to be forwarded and turned over to the Effects Quartermaster for shipment by water to the U.S. Request for the shipment of baggage to the U.S. will be made in accordance with European Theater of Operations Standard Operating Procedure #45, "Baggage", 1 July 1945. The Officer named above will be equipped as presented in Circular 99, Headquarters European Theater of Operations USA, 18 July 1945.

4. Information concerning War Department, Army or personal activities of a military nature, will not be discussed by means of newspapers, magazines, books, lectures, radio, or any other method without prior clearance through the War Department, Bureau of Public Relations or the appropriate Publication Requirement Officer of Army installations.

5. Correspondents and publishers will be notified to discontinue mailing letters and publications until they receive notification of new address. The appropriate War Department Adjunct General Office Form will be used for the above purpose.

6. Transcontinental Travel Directed is Necessary Troop Carrier Squadron 60-114, 500 T 431-02, 03, 04, 07, 08, 212/60425.

7. Attention is invited to letter, Headquarters European Theater of Operations USA, 20 July 45, File AG 311.4, M-GB, relative to clearance through customs on leaving and entering the U.S.

8. Mess gear, canteen, and canteen cup will accompany Officer.




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