01 October, 2012

01 October 1945

Note: The last letter was 18 September 1945.
The remainder of entries are paperwork and mementos.

Telegram from Greg to Wilma
about Arrival Time, Back Bay Station, Boston
Telegram Received at 5:16 pm, just four hours before the train was due to arrive.

Orders to Travel from Washington, D.C. to Boston on 1 October 1945
and to report to Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts on 4 October 1945
(Abbreviations translated below)

       15.  AL, CAPT GREG, Medical Corps, (male-white), Military Occupational Specialty 3100, Advanced Service Rating 90, "GREEN PROJECT", Having Returned To US from overseas on 30 Sept 45 & reported to Commanding Officer this station In Coordination With Letter O Headquarters 438th AAA AW Bn (M) APO 513, USA dated 19 September 1945 & Teletype Writer Exchange 69563, Headquarters Command Z, European Theater of Operations USA dated 17 July 1945 is Relieved from Attached This Station, assigned & Will Proceed to Reception Station #1, Fort Devens, Mass Reporting Upon Arrival To Commanding Officer thereat for processing & disposition. Advanced Service Rating score as indicated above is based on re-computation as of 2 September 1945...

Effective Date Concerning Morning Report: 4 October 1945.

Entrance to Washington National Airport, 1945

Property Turn-In Slip
Port Supply Officer
Washington Port of Aerial Embarkation-Debarkation
Greg did not have much to turn in:
1 Canvas field bag with strap, 1 Can of Meat (complete) and 1 Canteen (complete)
All are remarked as "FWT", or, Unserviceable due to fair wear and tear.

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