10 October, 2012

10 October 1945

Note: The last letter was 18 September 1945.
The remainder of entries are paperwork and mementos.

After a long weekend at home, Greg made his way on 4 October 1945 to Fort Devens, in Ayer, Massachusetts, for his last stay with the U.S. Army. On 10 October, 1945 Greg was granted a Leave of Absence to be in effect until his Discharge from Active Duty.

Nearing the end of the endless paperwork!
Instructions from Finance for Separation Paperwork

 Schedule for Greg (No. 27) to Process Out
One hour of Counseling after three plus years...

Leave of Absence Granted Until Final Separation Date
Greg (red arrow) learns his final separation will be Christmas Day, 25 December 1945
when he revert to inactive status... just 2 months and 15 days away.

Until then, he is "on leave" in Salem.

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