25 November, 2012

25 November 1945

28 Months after Greg and Wilma met on a blind date they were married. Of the 28 months, 23 months were spent an ocean apart. Through these letters, they grew to know one another and felt the love that would last a lifetime.

Here are their formal wedding pictures.

And here's what happened next...

44 years later, in 1989, this picture was taken of their children. From left to right are Robert ("Buck"), Leslie, Susan ("Susie") and Richard ("Dick").  

This blog has been brought to you by me, Susie, their Fourth Child.


  1. Just a quick note to let you know how VERY much I enjoyed your blog, & how appreciative I am of the phenomenal amount of work it took to create. Other comment from me elsewhere, so here I'll just leave it at that. :) Tnx again!


  2. What a really great blog. I found it because I was searching for pictures of Stolberg in 1944. I adopted a grave of an WWII veteran who died in the Schmidtstrasse but who is still MIA. I try to find out where and what happened but the Schmidtstrasse doesn't excist anymore so it is really a needle in an haystack.


  3. Your parents may be proud about you. Your blog is a quite remarkable tribute. I discovered it by looking for pictures of the Battle of the Bulge. André Godenir

  4. Susie, I, too, fell in love with your father (and mother). I can’t thank you enough for sharing these precious “Letters to Wilma” with the world. What an extraordinary love story.