The beginning of his service was at Camp Edwards, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in July of 1942, a month before this photograph was taken.  After Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Greg met Wilma on a blind date on 24 July, 1943.  The first letter was written 2 days later.

Greg (front row center) with his Medical Detachment
These nearly 800 letters, including photographs and mementos, spanned from 26 July, 1943 through September of 1945 and will be posted on the corresponding dates from August of 2010 through September of 2012.  I typed these for Wilma after Greg's passing as an act of love.  In the process I learned a great deal about my Dad.  Now that Mom has also passed, I am posting his letters as a tribute to a man who accomplished his dreams with the woman he loved.

Wilma's Mount Holyoke College yearbook picture. Greg carried
this one in his wallet from when he received it until he returned.