03 October, 2011

03 October 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 230 % Postmaster, N.Y.
3 October, 1944          1045
Hello darling!

Well a year ago I was sweating out one alert after the other and we were managing to see each other as often as possible. Those were days I’ll never forget and I’m sure we’ll talk them over many times in the future. I’ll never forget my reactions, either when I sailed out of New York harbor. I wondered what would ever happen to us and I was so afraid I’d lose you, dear. I’m so happy I didn’t, although I still feel you were very brave in being willing to wait for me. But it can’t be much longer, darling – and one of these days I’ll be taking you to me and holding you so tight a quick glance would make one think we were welded.

Kind of busy today, dear, with a couple of things to do this p.m. If I get through in time I may be able to see a U.S.O. show which is visiting our battalion today. That will be the first one since England – and although they’re usually not very high class – what the heck – after all, this is Germany. Will stop for now, dear, my love to the folks – and remember – you have
All my love –


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