05 September, 2012

05 September 1945 (2nd letter)

5 September, 1945
Nancy 2130
My dearest sweetheart –

Excuse the paper – but I’m up at quarters now and my stationery – such as it is – is down at the Kaserne. I’ve just come back from the movies – and I just felt like telling you that I love you so very very much, sweetheart. If it’s possible – I think love for someone is enhanced at night. Did you ever find it so? Anyway – as might be expected, I miss you most at night, darling – although the Lord knows I miss you all of the time – and I have ever since I left you. But then – even when I’m back home, dear, I’ll miss you every moment that I’m not actually with you – so you’ll just have to stick close by –

The movie was poor although interesting in part. It was a Classic – “Bewitched” – and I don’t know who the actors were. I don’t know whether you might have seen it or not – it was a psychiatric subject rather than just psychological and fairly well developed until the end when the reasons given for certain things were hardly accurate. We got out about 8:40 and went over to the Red Cross Club and had a coke. Its’ a sort of cloudy, showery night – nice to hang around in.

The big excitement of the day was the shipping out of 50 enlisted men in one fell swoop. That’s the largest single group so far and cleans out all our high pointers down to and including the 90’s. I didn’t lose any more medics. My next high point man has 88. There were no officers included in the quota and the score is still 103.  All consensus here is that things are going to speed up considerably in the next couple of months – and if today is any criterion – it certainly seems as if it will actually be so.

There’s a lot of talk and noise going on around here now, sweetheart – so I think I’ll stop before I become confused. I’ll continue in the a.m. In the meantime, dear, all my love – and I hope I dream of you. Good nite, darling –

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