11 June, 2011

11 June, 1944

No letter today. Just this:
The Route of the Question Mark

Part of Page 11 of The Route of the Question Mark gives this timeframe:

June 11: An advance party composed of half the battery leaves Sherborne on the first move of the journey across the channel.
Page 21 includes this portion:
The night before D-Day when we saw all the bombers go over, and suspected that something important was about to happen... Departure of our Advance Party for France, and the desolate appearance its absence caused in Sherborne...

Meanwhile, on Utah Beach:

Nazi 88mm guns pound Utah Beach as
American troops push into Normandy, France.
11 June 1944

And in the air, here is an account of just one bomber raid, this on the 21st Panzer Division (click to listen ):

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