28 June, 2011

28 June, 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 403 % Postmaster, N.Y.
28 June, 1944

Dearest Sweetheart –

I was determined to write you a longer letter today – but the way things are shaping up – I’d better get this off now. If I return in time – I’ll write another.

I got a swell letter from you late last night which certainly helped my spirits. It was nice and long and newsy and generally – in the groove, darling. I’m so pleased you liked the prints, dear – and that they came in good condition. By the way – I don’t remember mentioning – one of my boys made a simple bracelet out of English “three-penny bits”. He made the links and all and then presented it to me for “my girl” – so I sent it on. You don’t have to wear it, dear – although the coins are odd. The bend in them is done by hand.

Was glad to read you were being occupied by the R.C. and roared about your chance of getting diseased from house visits. Don’t you know you must have immunity by now from me! Seriously – there’s no danger, darling – but be careful in general. All for now. Love to the folks and

All my deepest love to you


about Rocheville and Up in Arms

The Route of the Question Mark on June 27th mentioned that the 438th was in the town of Rocheville. The town of Rocheville is located in the Department of Manche of the French region Basse-Normandie. It is within the township of Bricquebec, part of the district of Cherbourg, just 12 miles south of the port. The and area is about 4 square miles, and the population is just about 660.

Route from the City of Cherbourg to the town of Rocheville
And now a scene from Up in Arms featuring Danny Kaye and Dinah Shore", shown in a hayloft in the town of Rocheville:

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