11 July, 2011

11 July, 1944


438th AAA AW BN
APO 403 % Postmaster, N.Y.
11 July

Hello darling!

Tuesday morning and a little sunshine. On 2 successive Mondays it has rained and the days were sort of blue. But things look pretty good today, dear.

Yesterday I was visited by a friend of mine – a Colonel in AA whom I knew with Col. Pereira on maneuvers last year. He heard we were around and he dropped in. We had a nice long talk and reminisced about our days down South in 1943.

This morning I’m going to go to a nearby Army hospital and ask the C.O. if he can use any help. I’ve talked with my Col. and he said it was all right with him. If I can do even part time work of any sort – it will be welcome. I’ll let you know later, dear, how I make out.

Other than that – nothing new and all is comparatively quiet here. My health is excellent darling – so don’t worry. Remember I love you and think only of that. Love to the folks.

All my love, dear

The Route of the Question Mark

The end of Page 23 from The Route of the Question Mark tells this:

page 23

July 11... Douville. The truck drivers cleaned the cables on their vehicles, and it was a common sight to see apple trees pulled over when this operation was in progress. We first became acquainted with Calvados here, we pitched horse-shoes, we painted stars and moons and other inscriptions on our movie tent, and CHEETY shot a cow for the kitchen.

(A) St. Come-du-Mont (2 July, 1944) to
Douville  (11 July, 1944)
("Douville" was renamed "Donville")

Orchard in Donville (today)
as seen through a Hedgerow

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